Is IDELIVER LTD officially registered legal entity?

IDELIVER LTD is an officially registered legal entity with a full package of supporting documents.

If I didn't find answer to the question, who can help me?

You should study our website in full, familiarize yourself with the contacts section and with all possible forms of customer contact.

How should I start the work?

First of all, you need to register on our website, fill in the form with personal data and payment methods, replenish your balance and choose a tariff package.


How to start earning money with IDELIVER LTD?

You need to go through the standard registration procedure on our website and to create a personal account. To make this work out you just need to find the registration form and to fill in all required fields. After that, log into your personal account.Any user who has reached the age of 18 and who has no restrictions in the legislation of the country he is located in can earn money in the company.

Can I have more than one account on the same IP address?

Yes, the system does not prohibit having more than one account, but they should not have an affiliate link. In case of violation of this rule, the site administration reserves the right to block all existing multi-accounts, in other cases, you can contact the project support.

How can I restore access to my account if I forgot my password or my account has been hacked or blocked?

To restore access to your account, use the "Forgot your password?" and restore access by mail specified during the registration in the system. If your account has been hacked or blocked, contact our operators using one of the available support forms immediately.


What payment systems does the site work with?

At the moment, company works with electronic payment systems only: Perfect Money, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, Freekassa.

What are the restrictions on withdrawal of funds in the system?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 $ or 0.001btc. The maximum withdrawal amount should not exceed $ 5000 or 0.2btc per day.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from the system?

Withdrawal of funds from the system should not exceed 72 hours from the moment of request for payment.

I have replenished my account from one electronic payment system, but I want to withdraw funds to another, is it possible?

You can use only those payment systems that are indicated on our website.

How can I track all transactions of funds on my internal account?

All financial transactions on your account are recorded in the transaction history.

How can I solve a problematic issue related to the movement of my funds?

You need to contact technical support on financial issues, which works daily from 9.00AM - 8.00PM (GMT) and get an advise.

What is the commission fee set in the system for withdrawing funds from my personal account in the company?

We do not receive commissions from our partners. You pay the commission only to payment processors, according to their rules.


What investment rates are set in the system?

At the initial stage of working in the network,the system offers two areas of work to invest and increase your personal capital, these investments are in dollars and cryptocurrency. We also offer two types of tariffs, this principal amount is included in the daily profit and deposits with a refund of the principal amount at the end of the tariff plan. Each tariff plan has different profit from 1.5% to 6% per day, depending on the type of investment chosen.

How do the funds credited to my account under open tariff plans?

Charges are made daily every 24 hours from the moment when tariff plan is activated.

Are there any restrictions on the activation of tariff plans in the system?

There are no restrictions.


What is the affiliate assistance program provided in the system?

The system provides for a three-tier affiliate program: first tier, personally involved partners, 7%, second level 2%, third level 1%, remuneration from each individual paid plan of your partner structure.

What are the account statuses in the system?

Four types of account statuses:
1. NORMAL - a passive investor has no partners in the structure;
2. Silver - personal investments of at least $ 100 and 10 or more active investors.
Status bonus: 1 level of the referral program 8%
3. Diamond - has a personal investment of at least $ 500 and 30 or more active investors.
Status bonus: 1 level of the referral program 10%
4. VIP - has personal investments of at least $ 1000 and 50 or more active investors.
Status bonus: 1 level of the referral program 12%.The status bonus may increase depending on the total investment turnover across the entire structure of partners.

How do I get the leader bonus?

To do this, you need to work and promote our company actively. The more the partner structure invests, the more reward the leader will get. For every $ 5000 of the total investment turnover of the entire structure of partners, the leader will receive $ 200 reward.

How quickly the bonus reward under the affiliate program credited to my account in the system in case of investing money by my invited partner?

All bonus rewards for the affiliate program are credited to your account automatically after the operation activation one of the tariff plans by your partners.

Will I be able to receive affiliate rewards without active investments?

In this case, you will receive charges to your internal account, without any restrictions, but you will not be able to raise your personal status.


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